Apple Lightning cables turned yellow — source:

If you use Apple products for longer than a year, you will slowly notice that a nice white cable turns yellowish and become sticky after some time of using it.

It can be frustrating since the cable isn't that old and becomes unusable or simply breaks much quicker than it should. It’s almost like its manufacturer, wants you to buy extra accessories, as often as possible.

Today, I will share with you my 3 tips to keep your shiny white apple cables in a good condition for as long as possible.

Considering the price of Apple cables and charging adapters…

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In February 2021 I moved from an EU member state country to the Netherlands. I decided it would be beneficial to write down all steps and paperwork required for a successful and stress-free move.

Getting a job

Finding a job is a crucial point in a successful move. If you are a software developer, I suggest getting a job before arriving to the Netherlands. It releases the pressure of spending savings money and prevents getting stressed with job interviews.

My current position came to me unexpectedly. A good friend of mine from college referred me and I went through few steps of an…

Apple AirTag is a hot product that many fans were waiting for. Meanwhile, electronics manufacturers weren't wasting time waiting. With or without AirTags this niche is no longer empty.

Getting an AirTag was exciting moment 😃

Before AirTag came to the market, I got myself a BLE tracker from NotiOne — a small Polish company. They created a waterproof(not certified)tracker device, powered with a replaceable coin cell battery with 1 year of lifetime, a loop for attaching it to things like keys and pet collars without paying for extra accessories. On a top of that, tracker can work both ways, allowing you to find your phone if…

Opening your laptop is not going to void the warranty(it's illegal to void it for that reason) and changing a thermal paste won’t void it too.

I had 2 MacBooks with Apple Care, that got their thermal paste changed, SSD upgraded and opened multiple times for cleaning service. Both of them went to Apple at some stage for some service action and never got declined for having a thermal paste changed. Of course, SSD was replaced to an original before sending for service.

Using a non-conductive and NON-TOXIC thermal paste like MX-4 won't cause any shorts if too much was…

Let's get straight to it. Cooling pads are just bad for laptop components! The pad will just blow a lot of air (and dust) inside your laptop, causing some sensors inside thinking they are cool and can carry on stressing the computer.

If a laptop is overheating, then it means there's something wrong with its cooling system. Placing your laptop on a cooling pad will fix this problem temporarily and may cause problems in the near future.

Your laptop needs a service from time to time, like your car. …

Piles of used MacBooks 😅

By writing this article, I want to help anyone to make a good purchase of a used MacBook. I prepared a folder containing all the necessary tools, that will help you through this process. Download, unzip and upload the files to your USB drive.

Prepare the following items:

Let's make a list of things you want to know before putting any money on the table:

  • Check if it still…

Water damaged Macbook keyboard. Image source:

My story begins when I came back home and I saw my parents desperately trying to dry water damaged MacBook Air. As a person with electronics and some electrical experience I knew exactly what to do. I will explain how to proceed in that situation, even if you are a complete newbie to this topic.

Items required in order to succeed:

Home automation doesn’t have to be difficult and expensive. In this article, I will walk you through the steps to make a regular LED strip dimmable and control the brightness of it via Google Home.

If you prefer to do things yourself and have full control over them, you are in the right place.


  • a bit of coding skills
  • VPS server or a raspberry pi
  • some manual skills
  • about 20 minutes of free time

Let's start with the shopping list:

  • 12V led strip of your choice
  • 12V power supply that will deliver enough current( I used 4A 12V power…


Wraz ze wzrostem popularności poszukiwań przy użyciu detektora metalu w Republice Irlandii(ROI) postanowiłem zagłębić ten temat od strony prawnej.

Osoby, które dopiero zaczynają swoją przygodę z wykrywaczem, często nie sprawdzają dokładnie jak kopać legalnie. Wiele z nich nie zdaje sobie sprawy z zagrożenia, jakie nieświadomie mogą na siebie sprowadzić, a konsekwencje związane ze złamaniem prawa mogą być poważne.
Dlatego napiszę najpierw o tym jak wygląda kwestia prawna poszukiwań w ROI, jakie są konsekwencje kopania bez pozwoleń, czego nie można i gdzie i czego można szukać wykrywaczem legalnie.

A więc od początku. Tak jak w Polsce w ROI nie jest legalne…

Pawel Szydlowski

Programmer, R&D Engineer, Industrial Mathematics Graduate of Dublin Institute of Technology.

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